Daejeon opened to the world, Citizens realizing dreams
Be the new hub city in Korea.

Daejeon in the World(Republic of Korea) : South Korea is a peninsula country located in Northeast Asia.
The northwest part of the peninsula is adjacent to the Asia mainland with the Amnok River and the Tuman River dividing South Korea, China and Russia. The northeastern part of peninsula is separated by the East Sea from Japan. Daejeon :  Daejeon is located in the mid-southern part of the Korean peninsula and in the part of South Korea. As a gateway to Jeolla, Gyeongsang and Chungcheong provinces, Daejeon is 167.3 km away from Seoul, 294 km from Busan and 169km from Gwangju.
Gyeongbu and Honam Expressways pass through Daejeon, which also has the Tongyeong-Daejeon Expressway heading south. Roads spread out in all directions. The operation of the rapid transit railway shortens travel time between Seoul and Daejeon to less than 1 hour, enhancing the reputation of Daejeon as a hub city of Korea.
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