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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams

  • Subject Full Start-up of Daejeon City Trekking!
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  • Date 2017-07-17
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“Slow and leisurely hiking will give you more enjoyment!”

‘Daejeon City Trekking’ will be in full operation this summer.

The city trekking course is tailored to fit the latest tourism trends, such as ‘Slow Travel’ and ‘Joyful Discomfort’ in which the hikers enjoy every detail while walking slowly.

It also features various themed programs.

The main courses are as follows.


Hiking with Themes (6 Courses)

Trace Movie Stars’ Track

Trace Movie Stars’ Track 

Contents : Searching for Local Stars, Following Your Favorite Stars, Visiting Famous Movie Scenes

Course : Chungnam Provincial Office Mokcheok Market at Seonhwadong Eu-neung-jeongee Jungang Market Daejeon Station


Daejeon Cafe Street

Daejeon Cafe Street

Contents : Visiting Cafes-cultural attractions of youngsters-Reminiscent of European cities

Course : Yuseong Spa Subway Station Umbrella Street Rikerike Mud TrailFootbath


Seraching for Daejeon’s Feature

Seraching for Daejeon’s Feature

Contents : Providing Things to Do and See in Connection with Information Related to Daejeon

Course : National Heritage Center Hanbat Arboretum Daejeon Museum & Lee Ung-lo Museum Genealogy Museum



Science Road Tour

Science Road Tour

Contents : Experiencing Science & Hiking Science Course

Course : National Science Museum Currency Museum KAIST Yurim Park


Hiking with Family & Friends

Hiking with Family & Friends


Contents : Combination of Hiking with Family & Friends and Family Duty

Course : Hyo Culture Promotion Institute Hyo World Administration Ppuri Park Genealogy Museum

Culinary Tour

Culinary Tour

Contents : Tour of restaurants Introduced through Broadcast Media & Uploading the Tour on SNS

Course : Daejeon Artist House Daeheung-dong Culture & Arts Street Jeong’s Restaurant Sungshimdang Hiking with Celebrities of Jungang Market



Hiking with Celebrities (6 Courses)


Contents : Any citizen is eligible to participate in open lecture in public place



Program (Themes)


Park Seoksin

Searching for Art in Urban Life


Park Jongseon

Playing the Role of a Movie Character


Lee Dongseon

Reading & Hiking


Ahn Yeojong

Urban Hiking & Searching for Daejeon Stories


Nam Myeongok

Meeting with Performers in Plays


Park Eunsook

Hiking to a Cultural Site


To apply for these programs, visit the Daejeon City Trekking homepage linked below or call 070-4353-6444.

The city administration will conduct surveys on participants of this tour and plans to upgrade tour courses.