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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams

  • Subject Citizens’ Safety - Mayor Kwon’s Police Volunteer Patrol
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  • Date 2017-02-21
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“I thank the police volunteer patrols who work at the workplace during the day and watch out for the safety of our citizens at night!”


Mayor Kwon monitored the safety status of the citizens at night and aided as well as listened to various police volunteer members patrolling with the civilian-government-police joint patrol.

[The mayor with the police volunteer members is patrolling the alleys at Tanbang-dong on November 29, 2016.] 

[The mayor with the police volunteer members is patrolling the alleys at Tanbang-dong on November 29, 2016.]


Eighty police volunteers with Mr. Jang Jong-tae, the head of Seo-Gu Office, Mr. Han Sang-deok, director of the Crime Prevention Association patrolled Tanbang-dong and Dunsan-2 dong that evening.


During the patrol, mayor Kwon said, “The police are the main force in maintaining a secure community, and they need extra hands to prevent crimes during our holiday season, especially in the alleyways, parks, shopping areas at night. So the role of a police volunteer is very important.”


An area around Namseon Park in which the mayor patrolled is considered as a potential site for youth misbehavior. It is also relatively weak when it comes to women’s safety as many dense shops and studio apartments are in the surrounding areas of the park.


A Police volunteer association was formed by local residents in 1993, and they have played a major role for citizens’ safety in the neighborhood.


Meanwhile, the city has supported this organization by donating approximately KRW 184 million for the improvement of the patrol stations and the purchase of crime prevention equipment. The city has also tried to train better volunteers.


Mayor Kwon said, “Our police volunteers are playing an important role to keep the community safe by patrolling this crime-ridden district in order to prevent crimes and to protect our youngsters.” He also added “We hope to continue participating in creating safe urban environment in Daejeon.”


2,824 police volunteer members of 147 police volunteer patrols are working to protect the city’s safety.