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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams

  • Subject Establishment of Disaster Information Network System
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  • Date 2017-02-21
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The Daejeon city government is going to provide a Disaster Information Network System to ensure the citizens’ safety through a real time rapid release information of situations involving various disasters and emergencies.


The Daejeon city government signed the “Mutual Cooperation Agreement for the Construction of a Disaster Information Network System” with SK Broadband on November 25, 2016.



[Signing Agreement of Establishment of Disaster Information Network System] 

[Signing Agreement of Establishment of Disaster Information Network System]

The agreement will help to provide quick and accurate information of disasters and emergencies to citizens. Recently, citizens of Gyeongju were in need of a system such as this because they were not aware of any information giving a warning of possibility of an earthquake or about the earthquake that occurred in September 2016.


As we have all learned a lesson from the natural disaster in Gyeongju, Daejeon will cooperate with SK Broadband Co., Ltd. to build and operate this Disaster Information Network System that can effectively disseminate information related to current disaster situations and what people should do during an actual emergency situation.


To promote the Disaster Information Network and Control System, the Daejeon city government will provide for the expense of the facility used to run this system as well as for the maintenance and operation of it. Alternatively, the SK Broadband Co., Ltd. will educate 200 employees who will serve as the monitoring staff, and they will also provide support with technical assistance to prevent any disruption caused by communication congestion from potential disasters.


The city of Daejeon has already completed the construction of a Smart Disaster Center where real-time information on the disaster scene can be shared and tips on how to handle the disaster. The center will also be monitoring all of the disaster information resources at a glance.


They also plan to operate a “Smart Big Board” that integrates information resources of related organizations through the centralization of disaster information.


“This agreement will greatly contribute to preventing preemptive disasters that threaten the safety of citizens and minimizing damage from various safety-accidents,” said Mr. Kwon Sun-Taik, the mayor of Daejeon.