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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams

  • Subject Mutual Development for Daejeon and Novosibirsk
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  • Date 2016-07-11
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Mutual Development for Daejeon & Novosirsk Sister Cities for Fifteen Years

Daejeon and Novosibirsk have made a promise to undergo mutual development between the two cities.Vice Mayor for Administrative Affairs of Daejeon, Mr. Song Suk-Doo, and Mr. Anatoliy Lokot, Mayor of Novosibirsk attended the“Fifteenth anniversary of their sister city relationship MOU ceremony”, and they promised to continue to build a stronger relationship.

[Mayor Anatoliy Lokot and Vice Mayor Song Suk-Doo signed the fifteen year sister city relationship MOU on June 25 in Novosibirsk]

Acadeomgorodok, which means “City of Academy”, is considered as the leading science city and is located in Novosibirsk which is the geographical center of Russia. Thirty research institutes that include research and development in nuclear physics, mathematics, chemistry, basic science, and applied science are located there. The world's first artificial satellite “Sputnik” was also constructed in Novosibirsk.

Daejeon has fostered a close relationship with Novosibirsk since they signed sister city agreement in 2001 and has had various exchanges in economy, culture, sports. This relationship has lead to “Business Tie-up” in 2011, and recently they have begun to strengthen their relationship through the MOU in 2016.

The agreement information is as follows :

1. Both cities will cherish the result of their mutual exchanges over the last 15 years and declare that they will endeavor to improve the citizens’ welfare and strengthen the sister city relationship between Daejeon and Novosibirsk.
2. Both cities shall make an endeavor to expand and develop exchanges in mutual interests such as economy, culture, sports, students, medicare, and tourism.
3. Both cities shall promote their respected international organizations and associations to increase cultural understanding and exchanges in the global era.
4. Both cities shall share mutual exchanges with their citizens and support the businesses in the field of education and urban advertisement.

[Vice Mayor Song Suk-Doo, conveying his greetings after signing the“MOU of 15th anniversary of sister city relationship” on June 25th at the Novosibirsk City Hall]

Daejeon and Novosibirsk will create opportunities to widen and grow more practical exchanges and to encourage future growth in the wake of this MOU.