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We invite you to Deajeon, a city on the cutting edge of science and a tourist city full of magnificent tourist attractions, spectacles, events, and cuisine. Cutting Edge Science City, Culture and Tourism City, It's Daejeon Since these contents are flash for simple decorative use without any meanings or functions, you can use them normally even if they are not played.


Famous Food
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Samgetang (Ginseng Chicken)

  • Daejeon Samgetang is made from best products of neighboring areas like Ginseng of Geumsan and chickens of Yeonsan. It has developed as one of the healthiest foods. In 1993, it was ..
  • Interest : 949

Gujeuk acorn Jelly

  • Since 1980 when making acorn jelly was only a part of a side job in the farm families of Gujeok Village, this dish became Daejeon’s special and unique dish. Pour beef broth out of ..
  • Interest : 626

Dolsotbab (hotpot Rice)

  • This dish is served with rice mixed with nonglutinous rice, millet, bean, sorghum, gingko nut, carrot, fresh vegetable cultivated nearby, and 20 different side dishes. Daejeon’s ho..
  • Interest : 552

Sutgol Cold Noodle

  • The original recipe of Pyeongyang Sutgol cold noodle preserves has lasted for four generations and for more than 50 years. This cold noodle’s ingrediants are different from those o..
  • Interest : 523

Seolleongtang (beef bone stew)

  • After one restaurant started to make a stew out of beef bone 40 years ago (seolleongtang), it became the only restaurant to make this stew, Seolleongtang has become Deaejeon citize..
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